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macs 27 does a lot better with font rendering than 26 for some reason

see org agenda see org mode

1 always open emacs client

you can make a new command that always opens emacs in client mode by putting the following in usr/local/bin

a file called e

sudo touch /usr/local/bin/e
sudo echo "(/usr/bin/emacsclient -c)" > /usr/local/bin/e
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/e

now, a command called e should show up in dmenu that will automatically open an emacs frame

additionally, for opening up files from terminal, i place the following in my own ~/.bashrc

alias e='emacsclient'
alias ee='emacsclient -c'

now, i open the terminal version of emacs in the terminal when i call e ./file, or can open it in a gui frame by calling ee ./file

now, from wherever i am i can open an emacs

1.1 magit

often the keybindings for magit are a little different in doom emacs. Here is a cheatsheet for the magit keybindings: keybindings: https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil-magit

Author: John Doe

Created: 2021-01-06 Wed 16:16