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org examples: http://ehneilsen.net/notebook/orgExamples/org-examples.html

1 making org mode look nicer

an article on how to rice things up: https://lepisma.xyz/2017/10/28/ricing-org-mode/

1.1 org source blocks - typescript

originally i thought i would have to add in jupyter emacs to excecute src blocks, but it really turns out i can do it inside of emacs org mode already

for typescript in simple cases, all you have to do is install the package called ob-typescript

then, you could excecute the following code with a good old C-c C-c

const a = 3;

However, it seems like ob-typescript does not allow the :session variable, as we can see working in python below. This means, for typescript, you should still use jupyter emacs for technical documentation for now

here is how it should work, for python:

x = 5
  1. customizing

    add this to your emacs config

    (setq org-babel-default-header-args '((:exports . :both))

    it will allow your results as well as the code to be exported if you want to export rechnical documentation

Author: John Doe

Created: 2021-04-25 Sun 15:56